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Audio Transfer

What we transfer

We transfer most types of consumer audio including cassette tapes, microcassettes, DAT tapes, vinyl records, and reel-to-reel audio on 1/4″ reels.

How we transfer

We use high-end audio equipment which is continually calibrated for optimal sound quality. Once we have established the optimal settings for your analog audio, it is then played back through a digital converter to a high-quality digital file. This file is then run through digital filters to help clean up any unwanted audio noise or crackle.


What you get

Once we have an acceptable digital version of your original audio, with any blank or indiscernible sections removed, it is then burned to an audio CD with separate tracks for each tape, record, or reel transferred.


Besides outputting your audio to CD, we can give you data files of your audio in the myriad formats in which it is available, the most popular of which are WAV or MP3. For customers with very specific needs, we can almost always accommodate.